Concord Builders & Development LLC

Founded in Alpharetta, GA, Concord B&D LLC. opened in the early summer of 2009. Here at Concord, we strive to provide the best quality remodeling to all residential and commercial consumers. Specializing in all facets of remodeling, we provide all of our customers with quality materials and the best prices on labor. From interior to exterior, we are here to satisfy all of your renovation and construction needs. We have built and remodeled homes and commercial buildings throughout the entire nation, and additionally we have references in every domain of construction.


Too often in the industry of remodeling, individuals and companies are making promises that can simply not be delivered. This stems from many regions, but it is usually due to miscommunication and/ or lack of communication with the consumers. You will usually be promised quality or quantity, but not bothHere at Concord, this problem can simply never arise as we are extremely precise and meticulous throughout all phases of the remodeling process. We combine the use of our highly trained staff, as well as using our certified installers that are all in-house employees. We GUARANTEE your satisfaction from start to finish. 


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